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VESA Standards

If you have recently purchased an LCD or Plasma Flat panel TV or Monitor and are looking for a mount this is a good place to start. Please note that this infomation does not apply to "Rear Projection" or "DLP" flat screen TV's.
Flat panel TV's and monitors that are mountable have mounting holes on the back that are usually laid out in a square or rectangular pattern. Mounting holes are threaded to accept metric sized screws.
What is a VESA mount?
Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI) is a standard for mounting flat panel monitors and TVs. This is correctly known as FDMI, but more often referred to as "VESA mount". The interface is implemented on most modern flat-panel monitors and TVs, but not all.
  • MIS-D 75 = Mounting holes are in a 75mm x 75mm pattern.
  • MIS-D 100 = Mounting holes are in a 100mm x 100mm pattern.
  • MIS-E = Mounting holes are in a 200mm x 100mm pattern.
  • MIS-F = Multiple holes are spaced so that mounting points may be at:
    • 200mm x 200mm
    • 400mm x 400mm
    • 600mm x 200mm
    • 600mm x 400mm
    • 800mm x 400mm


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