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Flat Panel Mounting FAQ

  • Can I hang my cable box, sattelite receiver, DVD Player, or VCR beneath my flat screen mount?
    There are currently no mounts that we know of that have a provision for supporting one of these devices directly from the mount. If you are wall mounting we recommend using one of the wall mount component holders in our accessory section. They are designed to mount on the wall below your Flat Panel and act as a shelf to set your device on. Here are links to the two we sell. VH003 or the VMAV.
  • How far will I be able to turn my arm type mount?
  • I want to position my flat screen in the corner. Do you have a mount for this?
    You will need to get one of the arm type mounts. It will be mounted either wall in the corner. The arm will be articulated to position the flat panel in the corner.


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